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Alumnis of EIT ICT Labs at the EIT ALUMNI CONNECT event

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs and Martin Kern, EIT Interim Director at the closing of the event

Nearly 600 entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, business leaders and students from across Europe meet at InnovEIT 2015, one of Europe's important forum on innovation organised by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) between 5 to 7 in May in Budapest.

EIT ICT Labs executives and Alumnis contributed in various panel and roundtable discussions, and also 7 ground breaking innovations from different Action Lines were presented.

The INNOVEIT 2015 combined four different events like the EIT Stakeholder Forum, the EIT Award Ceremony, the EIT Roundtables and the EIT Alumni Connect event.

The goal of the forum was to bring together a large and wide group of actors from the European Innovation Community in order to:

  • showcase selected achievements from the EIT Community and share learnings and good practice;
  • promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurship and to celebrate the best EIT ventures, graduates and innovation teams coming out of the KICs
  • provide a platform for dialogue between the EIT Community and external stakeholders and obtain feedback on the EIT's strategy and EIT-KIC activities in order to identify lessons learnt and recommendations for the future;
  • enhance networking and collaboration with the wider European innovation community.

Speakers included Commissioner Tibor Navracsics - European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Peter Olsen - Chair of the EIT Governing Board and Birgitte Andersen - CEO and Co-Creator of Big Innovation Centre.

CEO of EIT ICT Labs, Willem Jonker and CSO, Chahab Nastar represented EIT ICT Labs in the ‘Innovating with the EIT's KICs” session which highlighted the impact KICs are creating in enhancing Europe's innovation capacity and gave an insight into the world of KICs.

EIT ICT Labs Research Director Fabio Pianesi, Business Director Klaus Beetz and Education Director Anders Flodström shared views and ideas in various panel sessions on e.g. on EIT's and the KICs outreach strategy, the Knowledge Triangle Integration, and roundtables on creating business and jobs, developing entrepreneurial mind-set and managing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A dedicated session was organised to introduce EIT Innovations in practise. This guided tour called ‘Virtual City Tour' was an interactive pitch-presentation of EIT KIC's innovative activities that aimed to lead participants on a journey to discover EIT innovations connected to cities.

The following EIT ICT Labs' innovations were presented:

  1. 5GrEEn -Towards Green 5G Mobile Networks by Cicek Cavdar (PDF)
  2. Mobile 3D Visual Search by Markus Flierl (PDF)
  3. 3cixty by Timber Haaker (PDF)
  4. Flashpoll by Christoph Henseler (PDF)
  5. The EIT ICT Labs Master School by Carl Gustaf Jansson (PDF)
  6. Intelligent Outdoor Lighting System (IOLS) by Ruben Rajagopalan (PDF)
  7. Mobile Augmented Reality for City Planning and Digital Services by Charles Woodward (PDF)

Nearly 30 EIT ICT Labs' students and alumni took part on the programmes of the EIT Alumni CONNECT which goal was to bring together more than 100 participants from the three EIT KICs, EIT ICT Labs, Climate KIC and KIC InnoEnergy to give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences and discuss their entrepreneurial ideas with fellow students/alumni in a cross-disciplinary way and find partners for collaboration.

Further information:

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