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Register for a hands-on custom tailored program to help your company prepare to enter the U.S. market.

Welcome to US Landing Program by EIT Digital & EIT HUB SV

This 12-week custom program is for European entrepreneurs with ambitions to prepare their commercial expansion into the US market. This program is tailored to match the specific needs of each company through customized and hands-on support delivered by local experts in the Silicon Valley.

  • 12 weeks
  • Videoconference meetings
  • 25,000 €
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Working sessions
  • Assess, Align, Prioritize & Calibrate
  • Target Market Research
  • Go to Market Planning
  • Sales Ops for Maximum Efficiency
  • English


Hypergrowth isn’t an accident, it’s a commitment.

You’ve already done something huge. You’ve built a company with serious technology, serious customers and serious revenue. You could opt for slow and steady growth, or you could take the leap, cross the Atlantic and establish a foothold in Silicon Valley and take your company global. EIT Digital and EIT Hub Silicon Valley, have designed this program to help empower your team with the most cost effective and operationally efficient way to enter the U.S. market. Our unique offering stems from our deep experience with European tech companies combined with our first-hand knowledge of the US market landscape.

Diva Tommei As Chief Innovation, Education and Marketing Officer Diva Tommei notes, "Expanding a business from Europe into the U.S. is a huge challenge. It’s not merely a process of replicating a business model in a new context, but of adopting an entirely new mindset. You must accept that there are unknowns and question your assumptions. Before committing time and money you must prepare with the help of mentors who understand both European entrepreneurs and the nuances of the US tech landscape. EIT Digital and our local experts in our Silicon Valley Hub are uniquely able to provide the coaching and guidance to set you up for success."


"We found the EIT Digital - U.S. Landing program extremely helpful because it was truly customized to help our business and not a generic sales program. The help was deeply experienced, hands on, and highly focused on helping us sell and market more effectively."

Nathan J. Anderson, CEO & Co-founder

"We learned so much through this program! Every week we achieved major progress in our understanding and US readiness. The opportunity to work with Chris, was amazing; he really helped a lot."

Marta Valles, Founder and VP of Sales

"The program is a great platform to get valuable and actionable feedback on the different areas of the company and to really understand the complexity of what it takes to expand in the US market. We definitely increased our network too."

Chiara Petrioli, CEO

Who Should Attend

This program is particularly suitable for:

  • Scaleups with proven market traction in Europe
  • Founders looking to build a presence in the USA
  • Companies with 2-10m€ of annual revenues 
  • Teams of 20 to 100 employees
  • Ventures that have raised a series A or B round

Participants can expect:

  • A customised and hands-on program to prepare for market launch in the USA
  • An intense 12-week program with dedicated mentors
  • Readiness assessment to find skills and resource gaps 
  • 4 learning modules to cover all the key components of market entry
  • Workshops and training on key aspects of marketing and selling in the US
  • A capstone trip to the US  to meet identified stakeholders and verify your preparatory learnings
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Co-Funded by the European Union