Perspectives on making and shaping a strong digital Europe

About Makers & Shapers

The importance of a strong digital Europe is widely acknowledged and best achieved by makers (industry) and shapers (authorities) working together to create a sovereign European digital reality with products, services and regulation that serve citizens, respect European values, drive innovation and provide equal opportunity for everyone.

Inspired by our 10-year anniversary in 2020, EIT Digital launched the Makers & Shapers project to engage with Europeans in debates about major developments connected with the rapid digital transformation of our society.

The Makers & Shapers reports address specific aspects of digital technologies and developments. They follow a scenario-based approach, grounded on the developments and state of the art in the specific field, and analyse the impact of the different scenarios on specific predefined indicators. In a tangible format, they provide guidance for decisionmakers on the likely impact of specific policies and regulatory strategies in digital.

The Makers & Shapers conversations are a series of videos featuring thought leading interviews with captains of industry, high-profile start-up executives, and investment experts (the Makers) as well as EU and national policymakers (the Shapers). They share their vision on key areas of digital innovation and the way forward to a strong digital Europe.

Makers & Shapers in the News is a summary of commentaries and Op-eds that were produced by EIT Digital’s leadership as our contribution to the public debates of our time on significant developments in digital and technology.

Makers and Shapers shall inspire entrepreneurs, and engage innovators, investors and policy makers in Europe’s effort to be a major player in digital innovation. Our project is a testimony for the need to overcome fragmentation in Europe. It is a manifestation of the strength of collaboration, gives a sense of belonging to a pan-European innovation ecosystem and strengthens confidence in a strong digital Europe.

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