EIT Digital Advocates for Swift AI Adoption at 2024 Delphi Economic Forum

Evangelos Marios Kemos

At the prestigious Delphi Economic Forum in Greece, EIT Digital took center stage to emphasise the critical role of digital technology in shaping Europe’s future. Following the recent office openings in Thessaloniki and Athens, EIT Digital is investing in becoming a key player in digital innovation and education also in Greece and used the event to highlight the urgent need for advancements in technology across the continent.

During the proceedings of the Forum, EIT Digital had the chance to engage with high-level stakeholders from the EU, local and regional policy-making arena, European corporates and local tech ecosystem players and unveiled new partnerships with top-tier European companies and academic institutions and its recent thought leadership on Generative AI. EIT Digital’s partnerships in Greece in particular are part of a broader initiative to enhance digital skills throughout Europe, focusing on pivotal areas like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and deep tech overall. A good example is the pre-launch announcement of its newest partnership with the University of the Aegean that joined its Master School Programme and was based on a new Summer School on Maritime Informatics & Robotics. EIT Digital’s educational offer is aimed at democratising access to the latest digital skills and preparing the skilled workforce for the future.

Federico Menna, CEO of EIT Digital, captured the audience’s attention during his panel discussion on Chips, Competition and Collaboration. The EU’s Chips Act and the Global Landscape with compelling insights from our ecosystem, notably mentioning that "not investing fast in AI will present risks in all sectors of the economy”. He also stressed the foundational role of hardware in digital evolution, noting, "There is no digital without chips," which highlighted the essential need for robust semiconductor infrastructure to support all digital technologies.

EIT Digital's active participation at the forum not only showcased its dedication to leading Europe's digital transformation but also positioned it at the forefront of discussions on policy and innovation in Greece, South-East Europe and beyond. By fostering dialogue among policymakers, business leaders, and academics, EIT Digital is spearheading the development of policies that encourage technological growth while safeguarding privacy and security, ensuring a balanced approach to Europe's digital future. For more insights refer to EIT Digital’s Makers & Shapers initiative.

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