European Entrepreneur Looking For Investors? The EIT Digital Conference Is The Place To Be

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Scaling-up your digital business with EIT Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital Accelerator for European Tech Scaleups

The investment landscape is competitive and finding an investor for your company is not always easy. You will need to have an airtight business plan, and your startup needs to have real growth potential.

The EIT Digital Accelerator offers tailor-made growth support to European tech scaleups. The 12-month programme includes exclusive matchmaking events, networking opportunities and investor meetings which will help businesses raise funding and secure international customers.

Access to Market

We offer Access to Market support which will help you grow your business quickly on an international scale. This includes:

  • Qualified sales leads which will turn into deals or collaborations with our partners.
  • Direct introductions with the right potential customers.
  • Go-to-market coaching, market knowledge and advice to define your strategy.
  • Showcase at international events including international trade shows and networking events.
  • Network of 500+ corporate contacts across Europe including target customers.

Access to Finance

Our team of technology financing specialists works with European digital companies to raise €2-15m in Series A-B funding. We will help you get:

  • Financing needs assessment to help you develop an effective fundraising strategy.
  • Investment-readiness coaching and support.
  • Investor meetings with the right VC investors and corporate venture funds.
  • Exclusive investor events such as investor matchmaking opportunities and dinners.
  • Network of 300+ international VCs to find the ideal investors for your company.

EIT Digital Conference 2018: Network with Startup Investors

Every year there are events and conferences that investors attend seeking investment opportunities. The EIT Digital Conference will be held in Brussels on 11 September 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet potential investors and partners from various industries across Europe, and gain valuable ideas to apply to your business. Find out more about our networking opportunities and panels, and sign up to receive updates about the conference.


EIT Digital Conference 2018 - Find out more

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