EIT Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital Accelerator

Scaling up European Digital Ventures

The EIT Digital Accelerator supports European digital ventures to scale up their business in Europe and beyond.

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of promising digital technology startups and scaleups by helping them secure target customers and raise capital.

Our offer is tailor made to provide the best support based on every company’s needs. We focus our support on two areas in particular:

Access to Market

Our Access to Market team supports companies with qualified lead generation via events, meetings and targeted warm introductions across Europe. They also help to develop and define the go-to-market strategy and softland in new countries.

Learn more about our Access to Market support here.

Access to Finance

Our Access to Finance team provides European digital scaleups with the fundraising guidance, preparation and investor connections they need to raise Series-A stage investment (€1-10M).

Learn more about our Access to Finance support here.

Base services
  • We offer Access to Talent through our Master and Doctoral Schools, where students with strong technical backgrounds and entrepreneurial skills are looking to join Europe’s top tech companies.
  • We provide Access to Training through our Professional School, offering blended learning courses for professionals working in digital technologies.
  • We support your international growth with Access to Workspace in our Co-Location Centres across Europe (subject to availability).
  • We help you with Communications & PR and spread the word about your company through our pan-European channels.

Sounds good? Click here to find out how it works and how you can join the Accelerator to scale up your business.

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EIT Digital Accelerator

We do this by leveraging a strong and unique business network made of 130+ prestigious corporations, research centres and universities across Europe.

The EIT Digital Accelerator has a team of more than 40 dedicated international business developers and technology financing specialists operating from 14 major cities across 10 EU countries and a hub in San Francisco. We are expanding our reach to 16 EU countries through our partner network.

Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has supported more than 230 startups from different European countries access new markets and helped them raise more than €80 million in investment to date.

You can download the Accelerator factsheet here.

Dolf Wittkämper


Dolf Wittkämper

Head of EIT Digital Accelerator

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In addition, the EIT Digital Accelerator fully manages the innovation and entrepreneurship funnel at EIT Digital. Learn more about our integrated approach here.

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