EIT Digital and EIC building and accelerating innovative ventures together

Whether you are a European Innovation Council beneficiary or an EIT Digital portfolio or alumni company, the EIT Digital - EIC pilot opens up new business development or funding opportunities.

The EIT Digital-EIC pilot aims to strengthen the European innovation ecosystems collaboration through domain-specific expertise, acceleration and venture building services with a 18-month’ pilot starting in January 2022.

For EIC beneficiaries

If you are one of the following EIC beneficiaries, you may apply for access to the pilot: an EIC Pathfinder or Transition activity; an EIC Accelerator company; an EIC Accelerator or EIC Transition Seal of Excellence recipient.

The EIC - EIT Digital Venture Acceleration Programme will support the selected EIC Accelerator companies hands-on with its accelerator program and provide dedicated support for business development and fundraising. The call for this programme is open from March 29 to May 10th.

The EIC - EIT Digital Venture Building Programme, organised by the EIT Digital Innovation Factory, will provide the EIC Pathfinder and Transition projects with access to top-notch mentoring and coaching from leading market experts. They will receive tailored support to evolve from ideation and R&D to a validated business opportunity. The call is open from June 13 to December 19.

For EIT Digital startups and scaleups

The EIT Digital portfolio and alumni startups and scaleups are welcome to apply to the EIC Accelerator through its ‘Fast-track’ schemes. If you are a member of the EIT Digital network and are interested to learn more about the pilot, please contact your Lead Business Developer or Innovation Leader.

Additional information

To find out more about the opportunities and services provided by the EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup program, please visit the EIT Digital Accelerator page.

To find out more about the opportunities and services provided by the EIT Digital Innovation Factory, please visit the Innovation Factory page.

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