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Our comprehensive program offers a multifaceted approach to craft a market expansion strategy and operational structure to prepare your business to effectively gain traction in the USA. The 12-week program is a deep dive into every aspect of what it will take to successfully land in the U.S.

Custom Tailored Modules

Each of the modules below are designed to focus on the key areas of your business to help ensure your company is prepared for a successful landing in the U.S.

Module 1

Assess, Align, Prioritize, and Calibrate
  • Assess your current product or service offering.
  • Align your business model with U.S. market realities.
  • Inventory your resources available for the U.S. launch.
  • Prioritize identified weaknesses to be improved.
  • Calibrate goals accordingly.

Module 2

Target Market Research
  • Map customer profiles from your existing markets to potential segments in the U.S.
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape and identify your differentiators that create unique selling points.
  • Review any legal, cultural, technical or regulatory challenges to U.S. market entry.

Module 3

Go to Market Planning
  • Define the sales and marketing strategy and tactics to achieve your goals.
  • Review pricing, channel partners, distributors, etc.
  • Work with local experts to review existing marketing material; refine and optimize sales presentations, marketing collateral, and deal closing.

Module 4

Sales Ops for Maximum Efficiency
  • Review your existing CRM processes and assess their suitability for U.S. market.
  • Identify necessary improvements and map out best practice updates.
  • Establish onboarding protocols to ensure a U.S. salesforce ready to succeed.

US Landing Week

  • Meet with local experts and authorities in areas such as tax, legal, IP, and regulatory.
  • Test your marketing material on real potential customers.
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