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European autonomy in technology is about freedom to operate through strategic ownership, collaboration, and access

During the past decade, Europe started to realise that its freedom to operate in technology got increasingly narrower in deep tech areas like digital, energy, or pharmaceuticals due to a combination of dominant non-EU players and increasing geopolitical tensions. This has led to a European debate on technology sovereignty and strategic autonomy, to strengthen Europe’s position in key technology areas. (read more...)

The European struggle with COVID-19 contact tracing app continues

COVID-19 vaccination has started yet lifting restrictive measures will take time. Monitoring of local outbreaks and contact tracing remain essential to avoid future lockdowns and permit larger gatherings. Regrettably, contact tracing apps were not successful in Europe. Automated contact tracing should still play an important role in reopening society, however using different technology and a different approach. (read more...)

New report on European Digital Infrastructure and Data Sovereignty

Recent discussions around 5G and COVID-19 contact tracing amplify the need for European sovereignty when it comes to digital infrastructures and the handling of data. This report provides an overview of policy motivations, trends, instruments and the role of various actors that jointly create the digital reality. With the aim to develop policies that will contribute to a stronger European sovereignty when it comes to digital infrastructures and handling of data, a scenario-based framework representing policy choices is introduced that allows the assessment of these scenarios with respect to policy objectives.​ (read more...)

Anonymous COVID-19 contact tracing using physical tokens

Several countries are trying to develop contact tracing apps to be used on smartphones. Although there is strong momentum behind smartphone-based solutions, it also becomes apparent that they have several drawbacks. It is therefore wise to investigate alternatives. When looking at tracking and tracing in logistics, such an alternative might be anonymous COVID-19 contact tracing using physical tokens. (read more...)

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