Join us to boost entrepreneurship and digital education in Europe!

Would you like to boost entrepreneurship and deep-tech education in Europe?

Submit your proposal to the EIT Digital Summer School 2023 to develop and deploy with us education programmes and courses in deep-tech technologies with business development-oriented components.

EIT Digital is seeking to expand the current portfolio of two-week summer school programmes between July and mid-August 2023. The key ingredients for a strong and impactful summer school are:

  • The Topic. Evidence of the attractiveness of the topic, based on market studies of learning needs, must be demonstrated. A popular topic is Digital Wellbeing. Other disruptive deep-tech topics will also be considered.
  • The Location. An easily accessible location in Europe with the potential to attract many participants.
  • Support to the marketing campaign. The proposal must provide details on how the Partner will support EIT Digital to increase the number of paying participants during the marketing and sales campaign.
  • Collaboration with Industry. Partners teaming up with organisations demonstrating a strong local industrial network able to support the recruitment of participants (for instance via pre-paid scholarships) will score higher in the review process. These organisations can be, for instance, regional funds, education funds, associations of startups/companies operating in one specific sector, etc.

The work programme is guided by the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2022-2024, which identifies the five focus areas of our strategy: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance.

Selected education programmes will ​be included in EIT Digital’s portfolio of Summer School programmes  delivered in partnership with training providers from EIT Digital’s pan-European ecosystem of over 350 partners from research and academia, business and industry, investment, and the public sector. 

Engage in the largest European digital education ecosystem and benefit from Summer School 2023! 


  • Call for proposals opening date: 14 December 2022.
  • Submission deadline: 16 January 2023 at 17:00 CEST (hard deadline, no extension will be granted).

Submit your proposal

The Summer Schools  encourages the submission of the education proposals by European training providers such as universities, business, education and research organisations. The proposals should present a two-week training programme for Master students, PhD students, young professionals and others who want to deep dive into emerging technologies, learn how to create new businesses using these technologies or upskill their careers. The programmes should be designed for a minimum capacity of 40 participants. A strong and impactful proposal should present evidence of the attractiveness of the topic based on market studies of learning needs, as well as an easily accessible location in Europe with the potential to attract many participants.

If your proposal is selected, EIT Digital will co-invest in your plan to jointly develop and deploy education programmes and courses focused on deep-tech technologies and including business development-oriented components. Accepted proposals should be ready to start in February 2023.  

How to participate?

Please read the Summer School 2023 document carefully.


EIT Digital is a partnership organisation. This implies that organisations owning the selected proposals are expected to be or become Partners of EIT Digital.

Please contact the relevant Node if you need assistance or have further questions about EIT Digital in general and Summer School 2023 in particular.

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