Valuable pitch training for 18 European startups, in Berlin

This week Silicon Calley Pitch Coach Beth Susanne executed a exclusive pitch training for startups in the EIT ICT Labs network in the Berlin Co-Location Center. 

Some 18 founders from all over Europe joined in a two-day intensive workshop where they were presented with important tips and tricks for pitching. Also, they had to perform their own 5 minute pitch and received feedback from the audience. 


As asked Jouni Lounasmaa (COO of, Finland) and participant at the pitch training put it like this: “I felt the training was valuable. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. Thanks to our coach Beth Susanne, she is nice, experienced and professional. Also the feedback from the peer entrepreneurs was very useful.”


We also took the chance to talk with Beth Susanne for a bit. Here is a digest of our conversation:

Q: Hello Miss Beth Susanne, can you tell us a bit about you first? 

I am a pitch coach now based in Amsterdam – I come from Silicon Valley - and I travel around Europe working with startup companies to help them get their message out to the world.

Q: What is the concept of your training?

The concept is to have people articulate the value of what they bring in a high-stakes 5 minute pitch in front of investors, clients and potential partners.

Q: What is this training so important for our startups?

My pitch coaching helps the EIT ICT Labs startups m to have a much bigger impact much more quickly. And be much more successful at connecting with the people who can help them. And I help to bring together the European idea of how you are supposed to express yourself and blend it with the Silicon Valley idea and make it acceptable to Europeans so that you can get your message across.

Q: What is your impression of today?

There are really good companies here! Everybody is extremely coachable. Some have a large attraction in the market, others are still at prototype stage. But all are very eager to make an impact in the world and I am here to help them do that.

Thank you for being with us, Miss Susanne!

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