Trento as an IEEE Smart City

Workshop on Trento as an IEEE Smart City

The opening event for Trento as an IEEE Smart City took place in Trento on December 10th and 11th.

The event saw attendance of local institutions, representatives of other Italian cities, IEEE experts and a variety of players from the municipality of Trento.

Gilles Betis, Action Line Leader for Urban Life and Mobility, chaired the 2 days workshop.  Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director wrapt up the outcomes.
The workshop had a first and concluding part in plenary, and sessions that proceeded in 7 parallel groups to focus on specific themes: Big and Open Data, eGovernment, Health and Well Being, Energy Efficiency, Tourisms, Mobility and City Council Strategic Group. Notable the strong overlapping of many of these themes with the EIT ICT Labs Action Lines.

A strong work program is the result of the various groups discussions that will guide the deployment of new processes and applications in the city of Trento with a strong involvement of its citizens. In addition, the work will branch out to other Italian and world cities connected through the IEEE creating a living labs for the evolution of cities that leverages technology, ICT in particular, steered by the citizens involvement. A living lab that will surely welcome EIT ICT Labs results.

The event will be followed by the conference “Trento and Trentino, smart city and community for their citizens” that will take place on December 12th where Roberto Saracco will give a talk to students from four high schools in Trento in the morning and a talk about innovation in urban environment and future internet as key element for the development of a smart city in the afternoon.

The IEEE has selected Trento as one of the world’s ten smartest cities to become a laboratory in the implementation of innovative technological solutions for quality of life. The “IEEE smart cities – Trento” project involves the whole Trentino’s system for higher education and research.

Follow Trento Smart City on the IEEE Smart Cities website where detailed plans and results will be available.

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