Top Portuguese and Greek startups to attend Web Summit thanks to EIT Digital and BGI

Web Summit

EIT Digital together with BGI (Building Global Innovators, IUL MIT-Portugal Accelerator) have selected a number of startups from Greece and Portugal to attend the prestigious Web Summit taking place in Lisbon this week.

The chance to participate in whats described as "Europe's largest technology martketplace" was offered as part of EIT Digital's Arise Europe programme which seeks to stimulate digital innovation and regional growth in EU countries, where EIT Digital does not have a regional presence, by connecting local innovators with EIT Digital's pan-european innovation and education ecosystem. BGI is one of EIT Digital's seven ARISE Europe cooperation partners.

The purpose of the competition was to find and offer support to startups from the ARISE Europe territories who already have an innovative product or service but who need help in accessing wider European markets. Over 20 startups from countries including Portugal, the Balkans and CEE states vied for tickets to attend the conference - in the end one venture from Greece and three from Portugal were selected by a panel.

"We were delighted to see so many startups applying" - said Gonçalo Amorim, Executive Director BGI. "Web Summit is a great opportunity to network and meet investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. With the help of EIT Digital, we focus on helping startups to grow and get access to international markets through EIT Digital's pan-European network. The winners were selected based on their innovative approach and their readiness to enter the market. They all seem to be very promising and we're looking forward to discussing future cooperation with them at the Web Summit conference.".


Abyssal Abyssal was created to develop integrated Subsea Navigation Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).
The company´s mission is to develop and successfully integrate technologies that increase safety, reliability and efficiency in ROV operations. To develop the best solutions, Abyssal has been working together with ROV pilots, subsea contractors and Oil & Gas companies to better understand their needs.
Viur Simple, Smarter Always Connected Business Intelligence
For the Web Viur connects all of a company’s databases, cloud services, and files in seconds creating the possibility to explore the data using drag & drop or write own SQL queries. It also allows important metrics to be shared with colleagues or with the whole world.
CareAcross A personalised coach for cancer patients
Oncology & technology experts have built an advanced algorithm focusing on cancer patients, who provide information on their diagnosis, treatments, comorbidities, nutrition habits etc. Each datapoint drives practical research-based guidance, tailored for each patient, based on their entire profile & preferences.
InnovationCast Leading-edge innovation management software
The company work with people and companies that want to become better at what they do today and find new directions to venture, always striving for impact. Their value proposition is to help to drive growth from innovation.

To welcome the winners to Web Summit, EIT Digital and BGI are organising a Meet and Greet event on November 9 from 16:50 - 18:00 (Portuguese time) at the Caixa Capital booth (Pavilion 2, Stand 781)

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