Top national and international experts at the conference on Cyber Security & Privacy

Source: Cor.Com

Cyber attacks and massive collection of data for commercial purposes pose new and complex social, political and economic challenges. State authorities respond to the criminal cyber threats from the online and physical world by strengthening control and monitoring on digital activities of millions of citizens. More and more often we talk about the need to find a compromise between cyber security and cyber privacy. However, this idea is misleading, because cyber privacy is often a central requirement of cyber security.

These were the focus themes discussed during conference on Cyber Security and Privacy that Privacy, Security & Trust Action Line organized in collaboration with Cor.Com in Rome on November 11th at the Congress Centre Rome Events - Fontana di Trevi. 

The top national and international experts together with the stakeholders of the public and private sector discussed the scenarios for the next biennium regarding the approaches to the security and privacy challenges and the related business opportunities.

The event was opened by keynote talk of Stefano Quintarelli, Member of Parliament, Parliamentary Intergroup for Technological Innovation, that was followed by the talk of Jovan Golic, Action line leader for Privacy, Security and Trust, Paolo Palumbo from F-Secure Corporaton in Finland, and talk of Yvo Desmedt, Professor from the University of Texas at Dallas. 

At the panel on Cyber Security participated Rita Forsi, Director of the Communication and Information Technology Institute, Ministry of Economic Development, Rocco Mammoliti, Chief Information Security Officer at Poste Italiane, Davide Varesano, Chief Operations Officer at Emaze Networks, Bruno Crispo, Professor at the University of Trento, and Roberto Pittia, CEO of the startup Cryptobrand.

At the panel dedicated to Cyber Privacy participated Giuseppe Bianchi, Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Cosimo Comella, Head of the Technological Resources Department at the Italian Data Protection Authority, Roberto Fermani, Telecom Italia, Mario Frullone, Deputy General Director of the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Rufo Guerreschi, Executive Director of the Open Media Cluster Roma, and Vito Morreale, Head of Lab of Intelligent Systems and Social Software for Security, Enterprises, and Transport at Engineering. 

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