The second cohort graduated in Budapest

The second academic year has come to an end at Budapest APG, as thirteen Master students had been completing their second (exit) year studies in Budapest. Twelve students graduated on the 1st of July at ELTE. Four of them were enrolled to the Security and Privacy study track, whereas eight students participated in the Service Design and Engineering track. Another student was enrolled to the Digital Media Technology track at BME, the other partner university of Budapest APG, and she graduated on the 9th of June. They all performed their final exams successfully, thus officially completing their Master studies at EIT Digital Master School.

It was great to have this cohort as they were not only outstanding in their studies, but also in their personal achievements. Strong friendships have formed within the group, making it an actual team despite the different cultural backgrounds – as we had students from Byelorussia, France, Hungary, Italy and Vietnam. It was also a pleasure to see so many different nationalities working together as a group and collaborating on the various projects, which is one of the main objectives of an international program. As they reported, they got an insight and an understanding of each other’s cultures and this has led them to be more accepting with each other.

The BME organized a graduation ceremony on the 3rd of July for its international students, including our Master School student. The official graduation ceremony at ELTE took place on 31st of July when Prof. Zoltán Horváth, the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and the Director of BAPG personally handed over their ELTE diplomas. Our second cohort consisted of outstanding and talented students, and one of them, Alex Martinelli was even awarded a diploma with honors.

We wish them all the best for their future careers, and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to spend this last, amazing year with them!

After graduation, we asked our students about their experiences in the last 2 years at EIT Digital Master School. Excerpts from these interviews can be found here.

“Within the programme, I would emphasize the importance of studying abroad. Spending my entry year in Finland, I acquired a new perspective on education, and I learned a lot about cooperation, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial mindset. I learned how crucial it is to never give up, to try over and over again, and that even if you fail, you should stand up and go further. You can’t always be successful, but you can only be successful if you try again and again. One of the key things I learned is the real startup way of thinking!”

– Kapos Ádám
(Hungarian; Entry: Helsinki, Exit: Budapest, SDE, owner of SongArc)

“I realize – when I talk to those friends who only attended a traditional Masters’ program – that I have learned how to discuss innovation ideas and how to decide whether an idea is feasible or not. Now I am able to recognize the added value, if there is any. The difference is due to the EIT Digital Master School, as opposed to the general Masters’ education; I am grateful for having had the opportunity to gather all the knowledge that is necessary for being a successful entrepreneur, while other students would need to learn all this by themselves.”

– Nicola Parrello
(Italian; Entry: Trento, Exit: Budapest, SDE)

“I didn’t have strong background knowledge in the field of IT prior to enrolling to the EIT Digital Master School as I studied Applied Mathematics at the BSc level. After studying SaP for two years, now I know how to attack security systems. I participated in international hacker competitions, one of which was organized for students, and I am very proud of being a member of the winner team. In my opinion, the key for a security specialist is to be able to find the weaknesses of a system in order to work on its improvement.”

– Németh Antal Márton
(Hungarian; Entry: Trento, Exit: Budapest, SPP)

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