Swedish ICT open spinoff cluster Level-6


Seven spinoff companies involving twelve people from the research and innovation ecosystem related to Swedish ICT now open the "Level-6" cluster where spinoffs by networking and exchanging learnings will boost the opportunities to get to market.

The proximity to the research competence, strong network of contacts and long experience in the institutes of Swedish ICT, i.e SICS and Acreo (core and affiliate partners to EIT ICT Labs) are some of the strengths.

"Many startups face similar challenges and can learn from each other. By coming together as a cluster in a shared space the chances to get a position in the market increases", says project manager Adam Edström.

The ambition of Level 6 is to co-operate with the existing incubators, venture capitalists, financing agencies and other players in the Swedish innovation ecosystem. The aim is also to strengthen the opportunities for more researchers within Swedish ICT to commercialize their research results.

Level 6 welcome more spinoff companies. The initial seven companies are:

  • WeMeMove (movement analysis for sport and health)
  • Telcred (secure NFC-based access control)
  • Biosync (sensors for stress measurements)
  • LocuSense (cost efficient indoor positioning)
  • Severalnines (tools for database infrastructure)
  • Elsip (memory management in multicore circuits)
  • Antmicro (embedded systems)

Level-6 is locaated on the seventh floor in the Electrum building in Kista and the name is also a play with words as"Technology Readiness Level 6", is the level that many spinoff companies start with.

Adam Edström, project manager Level-6,, +46 70 257 97 34.

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