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Last Weekend on 1, 2, 3 March the 4th edition of the Startup Weekend Eindhoven took place at the High Tech Campus with about 100 attendees. The challenge during this weekend was that aspirant entrepreneurs could transform their ideas into a real set up to start a high-tech company in just 54 hours. Speakers and coaches provided insight and critical notes along this marathon of 54 hours. The aspirant entrepreneurs started on Friday evening and presented their businesses to a dedicated jury on Sunday evening. This edition yielded 13 new startups.


The EIT ICT Labs’ Eindhoven node supported the Startup weekend for entrepreneurs by participating in the organising committee, providing entrepreneurship coaching and by providing an ICT Award. EIT ICT labs also offered preparation on the pitches that were planned to be held on Friday. These 1 minute pitches of ideas had to be sharp, clear, original and attractive. Attendees could vote on the best ideas; in total 32 ideas were pitched out of them were 13 ideas selected. Alain le Loux, EIT ICT Labs Business accelerator, was one of the coaches during the Startup Weekend and he mentioned that amongst the participating startups there were several business proposals that fit perfectly within the EIT ICT Labs innovation strategy.


The jury was chaired by a well known talent scout and national television celebrity. He gave an inspiring, confronting and ambitious keynote about the so called X-factor to all the Start-uppers. The Director of the EIT ICT Labs‘ Node in Eindhoven, Patrick Strating,  was in the jury next to the Director venturing of Philips Research, Director of Brainport Development and Business Advisory of the Parma Consulting Group.


The Winners

1st  BeeDone
The team of BeeDone came up with an online platform for outsourcing and exchange of tasks. The idea behind this ia that in this time of crisis there is a group of unemployed people and those drawining by todo-lists. Through the platform one can post a task and another executes it against payment. Beedone won because of the engaged idea, business model and passionate presentation.

 2nd  BezyTrips 

This team came up with a creative solution to solve the time consuming and boring activity of filling in expense reports and placing the data of the receipts into the administration systems. The Bezytrips application uses smartphones to scan the categorized receipts and transfers them directly into the expense reports and administration system. Filling in expense reports will not be a bottle neck for business trips anymore. 

3rd Proxible
Proxible seems to have a killer-technologie in house. During their pitch they indicated that they could not say too much because they filed a patent during the weekend. Basically they are developing a device that detects someone’s interest in a product and through your smartphone the product contacts you. 


The ICT award that EIT ICT Labs provided was won by Bezytrips. They will get a workspot and coaching for 6 months in the Co-location Centre in Eindhoven. Patrick Strating, Director of the EIT ICT labs Node Eindhoven stated that the jury awarded Bezytrips on the original idea, advanced business model and the perfect pitch.


Startup Weekend Eindhoven organizes 54-hour weekend events during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, and/or presentation by Sunday evening. It can be best described as sort of a 54 hour MBA crash course. A hands-on way to experience the startup of a company.


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Author - Else Embregts

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