Scale-up: the name of the game

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital

The digital comeback of Europe is the goal of EIT Digital CEO Professor Willem Jonker, who detailed the creation of a new Silicon Valley hub and the importance of value creation

EIT Digital (formerly known as EIT ICT Labs) is a panEuropean education and research-based innovation organisation which aims to drive European leadership in digital innovation for economic growth and quality of life. The Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) began work in 2010, and through linking education, research and business, it empowers top talents for the future and brings digital innovations to life.

EIT Digital’s ecosystem is characterised by an open and collaborative way of working with partners representing global companies, leading research centres, and top-ranked universities in the field of ICT. EIT Digital is consistently mobilising talents, ideas, technologies, and investments, as well as business across Europe and beyond.

Read the full article in the Horizon 2020 publication - Pan European Networks.

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