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Tech startup Practix presenting their new product DraftTrade today at the Trento CLC.

DraftTrade is an innovative, fast, very intuitive and collaborative drawing review and annotate application. It is developed by Practix, tech spin-off of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and will be presented today at the Trento CLC.

DraftTrade replaces paper in projects revision. It makes possible simultaneous document sharing within the work team and all decisions tracking. It ensures that all project members can automatically be updated as to the project progress. DraftTrade guarantees collaboration between users that can work autonomously from their desk and, at the same time, stay up-to-date on the work of other project participants. Thanks to the "meeting" ability within DraftTrade, users can either work independently or collaboratively from wherever they are.

This is all made possible through a cloud platform, which combines a multi-touch application with a web app in order to support and facilitate the project review process, ensuring remarkable savings in terms of both money and time.

DraftTrade is tailored for industrial and civil engineering projects and meets the needs of engineers, architects, surveyors, plant designers, draftsmen and electrical designers. DraftTrade can be used on any Windows multi-touch or non-multi-touch device. It can be accessed either locally or remotely with project partners.

From July 23rd DraftTrade can be downloaded as preview version form the product website. The official launch of DraftTrade on the market is foreseen in September.

Download programme of the presentation event.

Follow the presentation (in Italian) online staring from 17:00.

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Laura Meijere Cristanelli - EIT ICT Labs Italy

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