Patent Booster Workshop Eindhoven; Follow up desirable

On 24th October a Patent Booster workshop was held in the Co-location Centre of Eindhoven. The group of participants included researchers, students, start-up owners and business professionals. There were 16 participants attending the training session.


Primary aim of this day was to create more awareness regarding IPR, focusing on two key areas: protecting ideas / inventions and turning ideas into inventions. The latter with a strong accent on commercialising IPR. Before the training session, all participants we’re asked to fill in an online survey, measuring expectations and knowledge levels. Afterwards, all participants were requested to fill in an online survey to measure the results of the session.

On a validation scale from 0 (very bad) to 5 (very excellent), the participants evaluated the Patent Booster in Eindhoven with a 3.8 score. In general terms we may conclude that the Eindhoven session had a good overall score on each topic (zie graphic).


More specific the participants were asked if the session contributed to their IPR knowledge, giving the following results:

• Change in knowledge and experience of patents and patenting + 80%

• Change in knowledge and experience of using intellectual property (IP) in commercialization +70%

• Change in familiarity with the concept of intellectual property rights (IPR) +25%

On of the participants stated: “Very intensive and interactive training, very useful in terms of content and delivery methods, well-organised. Follow up sessions are desirable.”


Contact: James Schlechter



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