Opportunity & Recognition Workshop in CLC Eindhoven

EIT ICT Labs’ partner iMinds gave a Opportunity Recognition Workshop, hosted by the Co-location Centre Eindhoven on 17, 18, 19 March 2014. The Opportunity Recognition Workshop is specially designed for researchers and scientists who want to give research an impact on society, our economic system and the way people live. Entrepreneurial skills are considered a core competency of top talent: best-in-class researchers combine excellence in research with outstanding entrepreneurial behaviour. During the workshop, PhD level researchers explore the business opportunities in their research.

Opportunity & Recognition

Starting from the core technical content of their own research, the participants undergo a steep learning track. Blended learning, peer reviews, flipped classroom, ... The workshop uses the latest trends in learning and development. Subjects like communicating outside your domain, value, product vision, customer focus, pitching and getting your story across are covered. The teaching staff consists of experienced professionals and seasoned coaches. The workshop shows the participants a range of tools that allow them to act more entrepreneurial within their current research environment. They gain insights in the position of research in the entire value chain: from basic research to successful market implementation.

The workshop in Eindhoven

Researchers from Holst Centre, TNO, IMEC, the University of Hasselt and the University of Brussels had an amazing experience. Under the leading teaching of Koen Vriesacker, member of the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator team, they discovered the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. After a distant learning preparation period, 3 long in-class days covered an amazing distance. The workshop worked towards a summit: During a Dragons Den, and external jury of business professionals judged the pitches of the researchers. They all presented a relevant market opportunity based on their own research. The pitches showed clear insights in the way they make a difference and how this could be transformed into value for a targeted customer/market. All of them delivered a superb pitch, clear and understandable for an audience that lacks a deep scientific background. The jury was very clear about the result: this is an amazing result, with some really promising topics. This is a very challenging initiative!

Congratulations to all the participants for achieving this fantastic result!

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