New in the EIT Digital Accelerator! Meet startup D!nK, Sales transformer for industry leaders

As long as you can work safely behind your desk, life is easy. But what happens if you have to go out there and meet your potential customers. How do you prepare yourself? 

Perhaps you know the situation that you missed the right hook in a sales negotiation. Or that you bombed your pitch because you were not able to target the right story… going back to your safe office life does not bring the sales you need… Well, then there is good news for you. The company D!nk, invented a high tech sales solution that might be a big help. And to make this news even better: D!nk became this month partner of the EIT Digital accelerator to speed up its scaling up into Europe and make their solution visible to the market. Read: available for the needy sales all over Europe.

D!nk and the EIT Digital Accelerator

D!nk joined very recently the EIT Digital Accelerator. For the company partnering with EIT Digital is a strategic move as D!nk grew in almost 5 years, to serve over 5,000 users. Now it is time to make the big boom and move to the next level using the EIT Digital ecosystem and access to market support, and speed up growth in a sustainable way. Very smart choice of D!nk: Drive the fast lane!

D!nk Pleased to meet you 

D!nk is a Flemish startup that was established in 2010. Its mission is to help medical companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative ping pong, into customer centric and streamlined flow-through processes. With d!nk, companies can build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues. Indeed, who does not want that … The question is of course what the D!ink solution entails.

Jan Dheedene CEO of D!nk is pleased to meet you and says:  “We are on the executive agenda of enterprises looking for growth by making the sales system more effective. The time is right to push the pedal and expand our market reach across Europe. The participation in the EIT Digital Accelerator program will drive our business development in strategic markets.”

D!nk SalesTech partner of the mobile enterprise

Business software has contributed greatly to the growth of companies. Workers are empowered with tools that provide real-time global communication, instant access to knowledge and relieve of administrative burden. This holds true as long as workers sit behind their screen. We all know that the efficiency of today’s software environment is endangered as soon as workers are in the field, in a sales conversation or on the move.  d!NK builds tools and solutions that makes people in the field as effective as behind their screen in  the office.

The people behind D!ink love technology but they don’t expect you to do the same. They saw an opportunity to bring the sales interaction to the next level and developed an easy-to-use app to deliver sales pitches more effectively. Therefore they set up the RoSE program to identify the right sales tools for your sales process and provide the services to create the first tools together. Don’t be afraid to lose it because they gradually make you autonomous in definition, creation and deployment of sales tools.

Filip Coenen, Business Accelerator EIT Digital, states that “After an extensive period of follow-up, D!nk clearly shows the potential to be ready for further international scaling. In 2015 the company has doubled its turnover to over 1mio and it is a pleasure to align the power of EIT Digital with the ambition of CEO Jan Dheedene."

Visit D!nk and try a free demo

Contact: Filip Coenen, EIT Digital Business Accelerator


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