New competences in Smart Energy Systems - From Top Innovations to focus setting in Education

During the Annual Trans Atlantic Technology & Training Alliance in San Sebastian, Dr. Stephan Szuppa, the Leader of the EIT ICT Labs Thematic Action Line "Smart Energy Systems", delivered a keynote speech on "Innovation in Smart Energy Systems and its implications to Education".

After a short introduction of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology the presentation stimulated discussion on the right competencies and education methods based on the example of fast growing Smart Energy Systems.

The paradigmatic change from the fully controllable classical power grid to the distributed area sources of alternative energy sources – such as wind and solar – as well as the bi-directional load management for E-Cars call for radical innovations and an intelligent Energy System - the so called “Smart Grid”.
Information and Communication Technologies are the “key enabler” for innovation and new business in Smart Grid resulting in a fast growing market in Europe, U.S. and Asia for new ICT-based products, services and solutions.

The fast growth of markets for Energy Systems already leads to a shortage of well-qualified experts for Smart Energy Systems. The Smart Grids require a new combination of competencies in education systems.
Classical electrical and mechanical engineering will be combined with specific competencies in system design and selected ICT technologies such as data management, cloud computing and IT security.

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