MentorAge® intelligent monitoring system for elderly and people in care launches in France


Nively, the innovative startup from Italy, is growing and expanding, bringing their Mentorage® system to the French market. The team, hosted and supported by EIT Digital in France will announce its launch at the 10th Gerontechnology World Conference, September 28-30 in Nice.

Europe growing old - Figures

In Europe, the average age of the population will increase from 40.4 years in 2008 to 47.9 in 2060. Between 2013-2060, the share of the senior population (65+) will increase from 17.8% to 24.8 %. In the same time period in France, the number of the elderly (80 and over) will increase from 5.7% to 10.66% of the population. The significant increase in costs for nursing will continue as the risks of disability and fragility increases with age.

What MentorAge® does

MentorAge® is an intelligent system for monitoring and alarm, designed to ensure the safety and protection of the elderly in care homes and senior housing. MentorAge® provides automatic prediction of accidents, ensuring a higher degree of independence, dignity and quality of life for people who are vulnerable, in a discreet and efficient way, with respect for privacy.

MentorAge® can detect dangerous situations such as falls, nocturnal wandering, if someone rises from the bed (e.g. in the case of persons unable to walk unassisted), a person who enters a location (e.g. a toilet) and does not exit after a given time. This solution enables nursing homes or similar facilities, to optimize the cost of staff while offering a premium service. In addition, the real-time geolocation device, working both indoors and outdoors, MentorAge® becomes particularly interesting for monitoring people with diseases like Alzheimer, or people who loose their bearings due to common degression of memory when ageing.

"Ensuring the wellbeing of the elderly is crucial to ensure maximum safety and reduce hospitalization. MentorAge® is at the technological forefront, helping caregivers avoid accidents in the institutions and providing a high quality service to the elderly and their families," says Giuliana Ucelli, CEO and co-founder of Nively.

"We are proud to have Nively in our Sophia Antipolis location and to support them in accessing the French market," says Stéphane Amarger, Director of EIT Digital France. "The population pyramid is reversed in Europe and we hope that solutions like MentorAge® will help give caregivers the possibility to maintaing the social relationship necessary to the wellbeing of the elderly."

MentorAge® how does it work? - Technical details

"MentorAge® uses a 3D detection unit that provides automatic prediction of accidents in nursing homes and senior housing, respecting the privacy of individuals. We have used our expertise in location technologies inside buildings to develop a solution such as MentorAge®, that also works outdoors," says Giuseppe Conti, CTO Nively and international expert on indoor location.

MentorAge® already used in Italy and expanding in Europe

MentorAge® is already used in a major nursing home in Trento (32 units installed) and it will soon be installed in a home accommodation in the Veneto region (Italy) and six other institutions based in Romania, Greece and Italy. MentorAge® also will be available in France from September 29, the official launch date for the "World Conference Gerontechnology" in Nice.

MentorAge® launch in France

The launch will take place during the session "Meetings between nursing homes, solution providers, and individuals" at the Institut Claude Pompidou, organized by the 27 Delvalle, the Nice healthy living lab in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Nice Côte D Azur and the Pole Eurobiomed.

To meet the NIVELY 09/29/2016 at 10:30 at the Institut Claude Pompidou, take RDV to:

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