Lyons to pilot autonomous shuttle service with EIT Digital Accelerator alumnus NAVYA


NAVLY shuttle in Lyons. Image credit:

Video: Take a ride with NAVLY in Lyons

<a title="Video: Take a ride with NAVLY in Lyons" target="_blank" href="">Video</a>: Take a ride with NAVLY in Lyons

France’s second largest city is piloting the first public transport service made possible by an electric, driverless and 100% autonomous vehicle with NAVYA, in partnership with Keolis, a French public transportation operator.

NAVYA develops driverless shuttles in order to optimise the transportation of personnel, visitors or service agents, in private or public sites (e.g.: airports, hospitals, industrial sites, amusement parks, urban areas etc.). In Lyons, the NAVYA’s shuttle is named NAVLY. The path of the NAVLY is 1,300 meters long and is composed of 5 stops. The path is free of road lights, crosswalks and intersections. With an average speed of 15km/hr, the duration of a round trip is 13 minutes and 30 seconds.

The NAVYA company has established itself as a specialist in the field, renowned for using complex technologies combining software expertise, automobile construction and advanced techniques in navigation, geolocation and telecommunication. In June, RATP Group, a public transportation operator in Paris, already announced that it would purchase a NAVYA autonomous bus for a trial in the French capital city (see HERE).

NAVYA joined the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2015. EIT Digital assisted NAVYA to get traction from its European business ecosystem by introducing it to investors in the UK and in Finland. In October 2015, NAVYA announced that it had raised 4.1 M euros (see HERE).

See NAVYA press release HERE.

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