Jagah Systems - Idea Challenge finalists developing Lokkupp at Stockholm CLC

Maria Lindström, Co-founder Jagah Systems, Carlo Fischione, CTO and Associate Professor at KTH, and programmer Ahmed Ali Zefar in a conference meeting at the CLC.

Last year they were in the Idea Challenge Smart Spaces final in Helsinki and received much interest and feedback on their indoor positioning system called Lokkupp. They received coaching and support on further development and issues relating to IPR etc.

The team is expanding and has received substantial funding to continue developing the product. The team has moved in to the Stockholm CLC as a base for the next phase. In the former "Eindhoven room", now designated as a startup space, you are likely to meet with programmers Ahmed Ali, Prashant, UX Master Student Viduh Saxena, and PhD student Ahsan Mahmood.

Co-founder Maria Lindström and CTO Carlo Fischione come for strategic meetings and conferences. Other team members that cooperated with the necessary pre-studies, before the company was incorporated, were from CTMH, Clinical Innovation Fellowship Program, Anders Westermark, Gael Chosson and Anders Lindström and from KTH Torbjörn Nordling.

About Lokkupp

Lokkupp offers both a technical platform for indoor localization and end user services for specific verticals. Lokkupp is a Stockholm based startup with an international founder team. The founders have the skill and passion to soon bring Lokkupp to a smartphone near you.

The globally scalable business model of Lokkupp is derived from a thorough design thinking process, ethnographical studies of end-users, customer journeys, interviews, and observational studies at the Karolinska University Hospital.

Lokkupp offers privacy preserving indoor positioning, instantly available at any populated venue in the world. The technology is based on groundbreaking research from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Last year the team was awarded best Start Up Life Science in Sweden

Read more and see video about their indoor positioning system

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