Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Shines on Midsummer Night

Intelligent Outdoor Lighting

By Midsummer Night of 2014, the KIC activity 'Smart Urban Spaces: Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Systems (IOLS)' has already achieved significant results.

'Cities understand the advantages of branding themselves as unique, beautiful and secure places. Lighting plays a special part in establishing that identity. The IOLS activity aims to provide a smart urban lighting management solution for improved energy efficiency, user experience and safety feeling. It does this by maturing and integrating the embedded sensing platform of ST Microelectronics and outdoor light pole localization algorithms of Eindhoven University of Technology with the Intelligent Outdoor Lighting System of Philips in Eindhoven. The activity enables partners to transfer and integrate their smart urban lighting management technologies and rapidly increase their maturity for shortening time-to-market.'

Improved energy efficiency: With restrictive legislation and the United Nations’ Kyoto Protocol, switching to energy-efficient light sources is high on every city’s agenda. Intelligent lighting solutions create a unique identity and transform the night scene with lighting solutions that also enhance your city’s green credentials.

Enhanced user experience: Intelligent lighting solutions can enhance the streets, squares and parks that give each city its unique personality. They beautify and inspire, bathing the city with crisp white light or dynamic color schemes to create attractive and inviting atmospheres. Enhancing life in the city and giving night-time socializing more sparkle and appeal.

Increased feeling of safety: Lighting environments making people feel safe and welcome are key to creating a livable city. The challenge is to be able to provide lighting to suit each zone, from residential areas and public spaces to busy highways and industrial parks. Light when and where you need it, in precisely the right levels to make the city safer for drivers, pedestrians and residents.

Achievements at the end of Q2

Streamlined commissioning of outdoor lighting systems:

  • Automatic light pole localization
  • City traffic simulation

Advanced environment sensing:

  • Activity detection for multiple sensor modalities
  • Multi-sensor data logging framework

Multi-sensor prototyping platform:

  • Prototype of SensiTron multi-sensor board
  • Final specification of the architecture

Images: City traffic simulation (left) and multi-sensor prototyping platform (right).

Products resulting from this project will expand the extent of Smart City applications by leveraging on advanced intelligent sensing platforms in a similar way as it happened over the last decade for consumer systems, such as for example gaming stations and smartphones, which can nowadays fully support the capability of sensing the environment and capturing information regarding the surrounding context.

These products will also support introduction of additional functionalities/services such as traffic and security management. The consortium partners Philips, ST Microelectronics and Eindhoven University of Technology plan to exploit this opportunity through additional joint activities in 2015.

Contact information

Tanir Ozcelebi (Project Leader), TU Eindhoven,

Roberto Sannino, ST Microelectronics,

Ruben Rajagopalan, Philips Research,

Alain le Loux, EIT ICT Labs BDA,

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