Industrial Doctorate meetups: Need for speed in innovation

Industrial Doctorate meetups

‘Need for speed in innovation’ is the theme of the first industrial meetup of the EIT Digital Doctoral School is hosting in 2019. The theme reflects on the need of the industry to implement new research on emerging technologies as good and as fast as possible. Industrial doctorates are one way of implementing new research in a direct manner. The first meetup will be held in Budapest on 6 June 2019.

The meetup will bring together doctoral students, industry professionals and academics to discuss the needs of the industry for innovation and how to respond to this need. Industrial doctorate students talk about how their research contributes to the challenges relating to digital transformation, and industrial and academic speakers discuss both in their keynotes as in a panel discussion with the students and audience about collaboration between business and universities to develop business out of research.  

Time Topic Speaker  
13.00 ‑ 13.45 Networking lunch    
13.45 ‑ 13.48 Opening László Gulyás, Node Director EIT Digital Budapest  
13.48 ‑ 13.56 The EIT Digital Doctoral School David, Oliva Uribe, Head of EIT Digital Doctoral School  
13.56 ‑ 14.04 Industrial perspective ‑ from research to business, the new approach in digital technologies Antal Kuthy, Founder & CEO of E-Group  
14.05 ‑ 14.13 Needs for industry - business value creation with long term commitment to cutting edge research Benedek Kovács, Head of Technology and Innovation, Ericsson Hungary R&D  
14.14 ‑ 14.22 Academic Perspective, the potential of university ‑ business collaboration Péter Burcsi, associate professor at the Faculty of Informatics, ELTE
Cryptographically secure, on-chain pseudorandom number generation
14.23 ‑ 14.31 Student testimonial Anna Reale, IDSL student, PhD candidate and partime assistant professor at ELTE University How to deploy and migrate applications in a 5G Edge computing infrastructure
14.32 ‑ 14.44 Student testimonial Balázs Horváth, IDSL student at ELTE & Telekom. CEO of MFDevelopment, Co-founder and Business coach of Kimitisik A Novel Toolset of Complex Machine Learning Solutions for segmented and fully distributed computing environments
14.45 ‑ 15.30 Panel Discussion Moderating the event and panel: Declan Hannigan, an actor and writer from Ireland living in Budapest. He originally graduated with a degree in Science and has occasionally put it to good use. He directed a series of DVDs for the European Space Agency and a series of promotional films for the European DNA database, Elixir. He has also moderated talks for festival of the future, Brainbar and Budapest Fashion Tech Day.
15.30 Farewell drinks    

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More Meetups

The Budapest meetup is the first in a series industrial doctorate meetups the EIT Digital Docotral School is hosting in 2019.  The other meetups are planned at:

  • 20 June in Paris (France)
  • 15 October in Rennes  (France)
  • 21 November in Madrid (Spain)
  • 4 December in Milan (Italy)

EIT Digital Industrial Doctorates

Since 2016, the PhD programmes of the EIT Digital Doctoral School have primarily focused on Industrial Doctorates. Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work on research assignments from industry. They benefit from continuous tutoring from this industry as well as academic supervision. 

The EIT Digital Doctoral School provides its programmes in collaboration with partner universities. In addition to academic research, EIT Digital Doctoral School students distinguish themselves from other PhD students by developing strong skills and competences in innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation leadership. This part of the programme is delivered by the EIT Digital Academy, in partnership with European Universities. By learning how to apply technology and research in a business context, the PhD’s can really contribute to tackling economic and societal challenges and help companies with their digital transformation.

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