Health and Wellbeing @Work 2015 in Birmingham-UK

EIT ICT Labs at Health and Welbeing @Work 2015

Health and Welbeing @Work 2015

Improving the health and wellbeing of work-aged people

Following the objective of EIT ICT Labs Business Communities to connect the suppliers of innovation from EIT ICT Labs to their target customers and partners in new markets, the Health and Wellbeing Business Community participated in the Conference and exhibition ‘Health and Wellbeing @Work 2015’ in Birmingham that took place from 3-4 March.

Health and Wellbeing @Work 2015 is UKs leading event for occupation health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, therapy specialists and others responsible for the health and wellbeing of work-aged people. The event provided the visitors with new ideas and resources to ensure employers that their employees are engaged an motivated, healthy, resilient, return to work quickly following absence and stay in work.

Beside, Health and Wellbeing @Work 2015 appeared to be a great opportunity to network, gaining new ideas and updating skills from both the private and public sector. The event consistently attracted key decision makers from both the public and private sectors and has an outstanding reputation for both quality and quantity. It showed out that this event is an important forum for improving the health and wellbeing of work-aged people.

Meet the competition

The exhibition area showcased 150+ companies, showcasing products and services. The EIT ICT Labs booth sheltered several startups of the Health and Wellbeing Business Community. Outi Toijala, EIT ICT Labs’ Lead of the Health and Wellbeing Business Community says: "The target of the event was to promote select HWB Business Community startups to their target UK partners and distributors and generate new business leads. The event turned out to be very successful as the startups received all together tens of quality leads and expect to close some deals still this year."

The startups that showcased their ICT innovation to the audience of Health and Wellbeing@work 2015 were:

Firstbeat, provider of a state-of-the art physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. offers a user-friendly platform with social, motivating features to improve employee wellness with measurable results.

Traxmeet makes social sports and activity services that motivate people to get active. It offers solutions for wellness, sport and racing.

Wellmo a cloud-based mobile platform for wellness service providers and corporate employers.


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