Future Cloud and Big Data opportunities presented in Kista

The Cloud and Big Data day 2013 on September 24th featured leading international and Swedish experts from industry and academia, who presented the cutting edge of cloud computing technologies. SICS, Swedish Institute for Computer Science, organized the Cloud Day for the third year, now as part of a three day Software week, sponsored by EIT ICT Labs. 

The presentations covered a wide range of projects and applications starting with an overview by Prof. Seif Haridi, SICS and KTH, on the activities conducted within Future Cloud at EIT ICT Labs, an action line that he was the lead of until October 1, 2013. A main contribution has been input to the European project Stratosphere, which was further elaborated on by Prof. Volker Markl, TU Berlin, and EIT ICT Labs.

Stratosphere (named after the layer of the atmosphere above the clouds) explores the power of massively parallel computing for complex information manage¬ment applications. The goal of Stratosphere is to jointly research and build a large-scale data processor based on concepts of robust and adaptive execution. 

Guillaume Pierre, Irisa / University of Rennes 1, also a representative of EIT ICT Labs held a much appreciated presentation on ConPaaS – a platform as a service for Multi-clouds. After these key note speeches the participants could choose to follow either of two parallel tracks – one focusing on applications and the other on platforms.  Presentations, bios and videos from the key notes are available on SICS web

Several EIT ICT Labs students followed the program and were positive to the range from in-depth research topics to more user-oriented business aspects and fields of innovation. Examples came from Spotify, IBM, UC Berkeley and Recorded Future. 

The launch of EIT ICT Labs Startup Activation Berlin – an outreach activity searching for good ideas in the areas of Cyber-Physical Systems and Future Cloud with a chance to win 30 000 euro attracted some interest in the networking sessions. Learn more about the content and how to apply before October 23.

Cloud-based business is becoming the backbone of the European economy and society.  Many services are based on the Cloud and several businesses and critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on it. Drivers of new innovations and business renewal are different types of services, applications and devices, which support the development of new digital service ecosystems. Read more about Future Cloud activites in EIT ICT Labs.


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