Evina and EIT Digital Accelerator join forces against global mobile fraud

Evina joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Anti-fraud solutions provider Evina has partnered with EIT Digital Accelerator to help mobile network operators worldwide protect themselves from fraudsters. Together we will collaborate on expanding Evina's payment protection global footprint with carriers.

Clear evidence shows that fraudulent payments on mobile phones are on the rise. "By ensuring secure mobile payment, we are ensuring the long-term sustainability of mobile monetisation," says David Lotfi, Evina's CEO.

"Mobile operators are in a unique position to deliver effective and trusted payment services, provided that the transaction can be secured. This is precisely what Evina brings by combining AI and dark web monitoring. EIT Digital will help Evina become a European champion by developing their customer outreach on a global scale," adds Gilles Allain, Business Developer at EIT Digital Accelerator.

Mobile app install fraud cost has been estimated at $13 billion in 2019, according to recent reports. Other anti-fraud solutions are not suited to digital monetisation as they block genuine conversions and slow down or complicate user paths. Evina, on the contrary, detects and blocks fraud attempts, while ensuring a smooth payment flow. The user experience is therefore preserved, customer complaints are reduced, and conversion rates increased.

EVINA's solution is a win-win for all:

  • Mobile users' confidence remains high. Operators' brand and reputation will not suffer from fraud or malware;
  • Operators can increase revenue, optimize click flow, and reduce complaint rate and subsequent churn;
  • Aggregators and merchants see new business opportunities on e-commerce and m-commerce;
  • Ad networks clean their traffic by excluding fraudulent placements.

"Fraud doesn't have borders. Evina protects mobile end-users while enabling business growth for direct carrier billing players around the world," concludes Mr Lotfi.

Evina's DCB technology is already live in over 50 countries: it allows Merchant and Payment Gateways to prevent malicious applications from making payments. In addition, Evina's mobile advertising solution blocks fraudsters' attempts to generate fake clicks and fake installs. This includes the entire digital advertising value chain encompassing Publisher, Ad exchange, Ad networks, Ad agencies and Advertisers. Evina protects six million transactions per day. In 2020, Evina aims to protect 100% of European and African markets.

The EIT Digital Accelerator provides tailor-made growth support for European tech scale-ups by helping them secure international customers and raise capital. In 2019, the program was recognized by UBI Global as a World Top Public Business Accelerator in the World Benchmark Study 2019-2020, and ranked Top 4 Accelerator Brand in the Startup Heatmap Report Europe. 

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