EU’s Director General of DG Connect recognises the need for a strong capability in cybersecurity

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Director General Roberto Viola during his speech at the EIT Digital Conference 2017

Cybersecurity is, without doubt, one of the main concerns at the present time for every company, regardless of its size; national, regional, or local administrations; and, of course, for the European Union institutions. Therefore, in 2013, the EU issued the “Directive on attacks against information systems” which aims to tackle large-scale cyber-attacks by requiring member States to strengthen national cyber-crime laws and introduce tougher criminal sanctions, and in 2017, the Commission has published a report assessing the extent to which member States have taken the necessary measures in order to comply.

The Director-General of DG Connect (the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology), Roberto Viola, highlights the importance of having initiatives in place, as the increased reliance on digital infrastructures makes the life of European businesses and citizens easier and more productive, but also exposes them to new threats and vulnerabilities.

"The EU Commission recognises the need for a strong capability in cybersecurity and actively promotes resilience to cyber-attacks in the EU,” Viola said.

For that reason, EIT Digital in collaboration with UC Berkeley launched last week the Cybersecurity 360 programme for Professionals which will rely on experts from Europe and the U.S. to provide cutting-edge information on the topic through a two-week face-to-face professional training for industry leaders.

Side by side with the official, policy-oriented approach, a valuable role can be played by executive education training initiatives like the one launched by EIT Digital and UC Berkley. Through the Cybersecurity 360 programme for Professionals, leveraging on EIT Digital’s and UC Berkeley’s top-level expertise and starting in October, participants will be fully equipped to address relevant cybersecurity issues, making sure they are never caught off guard.

“Today's executives need to be aware of the cybersecurity risks for their organizations and sufficiently competent to take responsibility for a viable cyber-resilience strategy. This is why such transatlantic programmes can be of added value," Viola said.

Registrations are open: click here to enroll

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