EIT ICT Labs Associate Partner IMDEA Software Chosen by Microsoft for Joint Research Center

The IMDEA Software Institute, EIT ICT Labs Associate Partner in Spain and coordinator of the Madrid Associate Partner Group, was chosen by Microsoft Research to establish a new European Joint Research Centre.

The Joint Research Centre was officially presented on April 4, 2014, and is located within the IMDEA Software Institute building, which is also the of the site of the EIT ICT Labs Madrid Co-Location Centre. The goal of the new centre is to serve as a platform for a long-term collaboration in advancing the science and technology for cost-effective development of high-quality software products.

The decision to establish the new Joint Research Centre came in 2013 as a result of an intensifying research collaboration between Microsoft Research and IMDEA Software in software science and technology, which the Centre aims to further frame and boost.

The centre was officially presented by Judith Bishop, Director of Computer Science at Microsoft Research, Manuel Hermenegildo, Director of the IMDEA Software Institute, Rocio Albert López-Ibor, General Director for Universities and Research at the Madrid Regional Government, and other representatives of Microsoft Spain and Microsoft Research.

The presentation attracted interest from representatives of industry, the software research community, and public administration. It was accompanied by a three-day workshop jointly organized by Microsoft Research and the IMDEA Software Institute, hosted in the new Joint Research Centre. The workshop gathered researchers from both institutions with the purpose of reinforcing collaborations on the topics of cryptography and privacy, concurrency and memory models, and programming languages and verification.

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