EIT Digital Challenge winner Green City Solutions lands seven-figure first round financing

Zhengliang Wu, CIO and Co-founder

Zhengliang Wu, CIO and Co-founder

EIT Digital congratulates Green City Solutions for closing a seven figure institutional fund raising deal. In December 2016 the Berlin-based scaleup Green City Solutions was already awarded first place in the Digital Cities category of the EIT Digital Challenge. Green City Solutions’ innovation is the CityTree, a freestanding 4x3 m unit combing smart sensors with real plants to clean the air and reduce pollution. The construction has the same effect as up to 275 regular urban trees, but requires 99% less space and 90% less investment.

"We are delighted to announce the completion of our first round financing. Now, we can take Green City Solutions to the next step as it endorses our vision of clean and profitable urban air resulting in a higher quality of living in cities", says Dénes Honus, co-founder and CEO of Green City Solutions. "We are proud to enjoy the trust of such experienced, multi-disciplinary smart money investors representing long-time expertise in the field of future oriented technologies. Hence, we are looking very much forward to a successful collaboration."

The fund raising was led by: LITTLEROCK GmbH, coparion GmbH & Co. KG, DON Ventures II GmbH & Co. KG and one smart-money-investor not mentioned by name.

More information is available on the Green City Solutions website.

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