EIT Digital Accelerator alumnus Agroptima raises €1.2M in funding for international growth

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Agroptima's mapping digital tool for agriculture management

EIT Digital congratulates the Barcelona-based scaleup and EIT Digital Accelerator alumni Agroptima on its €1.2 million fund raising. Agroptima is a cloud based farm management software that significantly improves the efficiency of farming. It gathers real-time data and provides farmers with a mobile app to easily manage this data, improve decision making and save costs.

Agroptima joined the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2014 after winning the second prize of EIT Digital’s startup competition. Dominik Krabbe, EIT Digital Challenge Lead, comments: “When we started our startup competition in 2014, it focused on early stage startups with ground-breaking tech innovations. It’s great to see Agroptima, one of the first winners, having developed their idea into a product that now helps thousands of farmers to increase their productivity.”

Founded in 2014, Agroptima has now 18 employees and over 1.700 clients covering 530,000 hectares so far. Next year the company expects to generate seven-digit revenues and increase their team to 45 people.

The funding is mainly dedicated to the internationalisation of the scaleup, focused on France. Emilia Vila, CEO of Agroptima, points out: “This funding round is great news for our clients as it will allow us to accelerate the launch of several new functionalities, grow our support team, and penetrate new markets.”

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