eHealth Europe: Meet EIT Digital supported solutions digitalising healthcare

eHealth Europe

24-25 May, Freiburg, Germany: EIT Digital together with its supported scaleups and partners will participate in eHealth Europe to showcase the latest digital technology solutions for health and wellbeing, and connect with healthcare ecosystem.

Longer life expectancy, increasing numbers of people living with chronic conditions, and rising costs of health care are putting pressure on health systems across Europe. Meet EIT Digital supported digital health solutions that help improve access to healthcare services and enhance the quality of care:

Checkpoint Cardio

Bulgarian scaleup Checkpoint Cardio combines advanced medical devices with software in order to follow a patient's vital parameters in real time. The company has developed patented wearables that allow constant streaming of cardiac and other significant biometric data, providing a whole system for online diagnostics, prevention and emergency reaction for cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the most avant-garde telemedicine systems for the transmission and monitoring of reliable medical data in real-time. 



IT infrastructure is vital for any company's day-to-day business, and an increase in complexity can consequently be witnessed. Additionally, attack concepts adapt quickly. As a result, conventional security systems have a hard time catching up and keeping networks clean.

CyberTrap offers advanced deception technology to keep IT-infrastructure safe and secure. Instead of blocking attackers, CyberTrap leads them into a contained, monitored environment to track them inside the network to gather intelligence. Thanks to the CyberTrap technology, the attackers not only indicate weak points, but also who they are and what they are looking for.



Based in Italy and France, Nively developed MentorAge®, an intelligent monitoring system for senior citizens in healthcare institutions. MentorAge® can detect dangerous situations such as falls, nocturnal wandering, if someone rises from the bed (e.g. in the case of persons unable to walk unassisted), or a person who enters a location and does not exit after a given time. 

This solution enables nursing homes or similar facilities to optimize the cost of staff while offering a premium service. MentorAge® allows monitoring people with diseases like Alzheimer, or people who lose their bearings due to common digression of memory when ageing.


KI Elements & DFKI

ELEMENT developed DELTA app that detects and diagnoses early cognitive decline. Delta enables neuropsychologists to assess a person's cognitive state based on analysis of speech. It digitises the complete cognitive test which results in faster, more cost-effective and earlier diagnosis and intervention. Machine trained algorithms indicate the risk for dementia, which can then be followed up by an expert's comprehensive assessment. ELEMENT aims at fast, inexpensive screening methods, enabling early intervention to maintain a person's quality of life.


Join the talks and presentations by our supported scaleups and partners:

May 24: CyberTrap and Nively

14:30 - 15:00 Using honeypots to prevent serious cyber-attacks and hacking attacks in critical infrastructures, Dr. Jack Wagner, CyberTrap Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria

15:00 - 15:30 Enhanced safety and personalized care for seniors: a new comprehensive approach, Giuliana Ucelli, Ph.D, Directeur Général Nively, Nice, France

May 25: DFKI and CheckpointCardio

09:35 - 10:00 KI in der Medizin am Beispiel Maschinellen Lernverfahren und Sprachanalyse in der klinischen Neuropsychologie, Dr. Jan Alexandersson, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für KI

12:20 - 12:40 Telemedical Cardio Monitoring - Using Artificial Intelligence and tele-monitoring services to safe patient's life, Ivaylo Dachov, CEO Checkpoint Cardio OOD, Bulgaria

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