Detectify - stay secure - go hack yourself!

Photo:Jill Lindström, STING

At the final session of the Startup entrepreneurial program, organized by STING, KTH Innovation and EIT ICT Labs in Stockholm, Detectify was elected “Startup of the year”. 

Detectify finds security problems in a third of the websites and applications that the company scans. The entrepreneurs behind the innovation have hacked Facebook, Google and Microsoft and now examine the security level of their clients web sites – corporate and individual. The site owners can then focus on the web development. 

Eleven innovative business ideas with international growth potential were presented, among them two student projects from the EIT ICT Labs Master School students at KTH, one project from a Doctoral student of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School and one from researchers engaged in the CLC development of EIT ICT Labs using collaborative media platforms between staff, students and project members.

The competition was strong and the jury, consisting of Pär Nordström, Innovationsbron/Almi, Magbnus Rehn and Peo Nilsson, both business coaches at STING, had a long conference before presenting the final decision with the following motivation: 
“With irresistible energy, good insights of the problem and a team with relevant background, this company has already created an impressive traction in the market. The sharp and creative pitch made it obvious that the winner of Startup 2013 is a company that we hope not to meet in the future for the wrong reasons. “

Mathias Karlsson, Johan Edholm och Fredrik Nordberg Almroth from the Detectify team were rewarded with a check of 10 000 SEK ( approx. 1150 euro). 
- As a developer it is very easy to focus only on the product. From this course we have got a more holistic view on how to run the business and to develop the business idea further.  Winning was a confirmation on what we learnt during these weeks, said Mathias Karlsson. 

Detectify has 5000 users today and are evaluating which business model would be most suitable for their target groups. The largest market potential is in France, Germany and USA and that will be the focus for the company growth. 

Startup is a hands-on training program for those who look for support in formulating and sharpening their business model and create a solid platfomr for a potential startup. The program consists of five workshops and is based on the Business Model Canvas, a strategic and visual matrix for developing business models. 

- The drive to change the world to the better seems to be a never-ending source of inspiration. Each time we run the Startup program we are as surprised by how many great business ideas that exists around us, says Raoul Stubbe, business coach at STING and coordinator of the Startup program. The participants have now sharpened their pitches, learnt how to think “lean startup” and got some courage and coaching on how to take the next steps in bringing their innovations to life. 

The next round of the Startup program will start in November 2013. 

Jill Lindström, STING

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