Concrete results of the first BMD course in Stockholm: Three emerging ICT startups

The first Business Modeling and Development course completed its last on-campus module last week. Completing the business plans, as well as some other post-assignments remain. Four groups were formed and worked on commercialization of the participants’ own research, of which three now plan to start their own venture based on the initial plans. 

One of the projects, Flow3D by Otto Korkalo and Tony Wong, did even prior to the last course module manage to be funded by TEKES, EUR 380k. We wish all good luck with their projects and new ventures. Throughout the course the ambition has been to put all subjects into the context of the students’ own projects, both to facilitate the learning process as well as achieving immediate implementation. A number of contemporary disruptive cases has been analysed to illustrate basic theories and key issues. 

Commercialization of the students' own research has also been a core theme. Understanding and penetrating the specific ICT technology, in parallel to market and customer insights, has been achieved using an iterative approach. Seeing the market potential based on your own extensive technology know-how builds meaning, context and self-confidence. By decoding the industry and market environment the students are given the tools to navigate around major barriers to success. 

For more details about the courses and testimonials from the participants visit their blog

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