Athens, "EIT: New Opportunities for Talented People"

From left to right: Prof. Torsten Fransson, Prof. Keravnou-Papailiou, Prof. Chrysoula Paliadeli, Sanderine van Odijk, Prof. Ioannis Tsoukalas, Prof. Carl-Gustaf Jansson, Lucia Recalde, Prof. Richard Templer, Pep Salas, Mathea Fammels, Nicholas Tenhue.

A short report by Nicholas Tenhue, Student of the EIT ICT Labs Master School:

The ‘EIT new opportunities for talented people’ conference was held in the prominent Athens Concert Hall on 14th February 2013. Attendees included the directors of the three Knowledge and Innovations Communities (KICs), members of the European Commission, academics, and business representatives.

The conference started with introductions from European Parliamentary members, the Secretary General for Research & Technology, and a particularly inspiring video message from Commissioner Vassiliou. The present and future direction of the EIT was then touched upon for those who were less familiar with EIT activities.

I was part of the first panel discussion where I talked about my experiences at the Master School thus far, with some reflection on what attracted me to this innovative and entrepreneurially driven education in the first place. Many questions were directed toward the KIC directors about how it would be possible to become partner of a KIC; there is a genuine interest in becoming affiliated with the EIT throughout the Greek academic community.

The second panel discussion was more about EIT activities outside academia. During the second panel discussion Carl-Gustaf Jansson discussed the possibility for future Summer Schools at the EIT becoming open to non-EIT individuals. During the lunch break I was approached by Greek students whom had a technically skilled team, but wanted to learn more about how to turn their idea into a business opportunity. Their hope was to be able to take part in the EIT ICT Summer School at some point.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed along with the recently graduated president of the Climate KIC Alumni Association, Sanderine van Odijk, by a local Athenian radio station. With the help of a translator we discussed the benefits of an education with EIT when compared to a more traditional university program. Hopefully the broadcast will encourage many young and talented Greek youths to apply for the EIT ICT Labs Master School next year. 

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