Application still open for the Cybersecurity and Privacy Winter School!

Application still open for the Cybersecurity and Privacy Winter School!

Join the Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Winter School that will take place in Stockholm on 27-31 October 2014! Registration deadline: 15 October 2014!

What is the Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Winter School about?

In spite all the progress made, how close are we to feeling safe in cyberspace? How well do we do in addressing real-world security and privacy (S&P) problems? Or, to put it slightly differently, how could we best address them? Granted, there are extensive S&P research and teaching endeavors. Do we deploy our best S&P solutions in systems we roll out and rely upon? Do we have best-trained professionals? Do we reach out to non-experts to make their lives easier when it comes to adopting S&P measures? These are questions that motivate this Cybersecurity and Privacy (CySeP) Winter School. We set up a whole week of seminars, tutorials, discussions, and posters/demos sessions for that purpose.

Why attend CySeP?

We will reflect and exchange on how to best go from research and teaching to solving real-world problems. Prominent experts from academia and industry will address a set of diverse topics, present their own rich experiences and offer their wisdom. Hands-on tutorials and workshops will provide focused state-of-the-art knowledge on key S&P technologies. Poster/demo session will showcase latest achievements and proposals for addressing important S&P challenges. Discussions, also driven by panel sessions, will allow us to debate.
Each attendee will receive an attendance certificate, attesting to the fact you activately participated. Each student attendee (undergraduate or graduate) can receive 3 credits for the entire week.
In addition, two social events will take place at two of the nicest spots in town!

Who should attend CySeP?

Anyone with:

  • (i) An interest or need to learn more about solving real-world security and privacy problems and; 
  • (ii) At least a basic understanding of S&P concepts and mechanisms.

CySeP can be rewarding for a whole range of attendees: from those with basic knowledge to those actively working on or researching S&P.
For example, if you are: 

  • (i) A student with already some good related coursework or a MSc thesis;
  • (ii) A PhD student with relevant interests;
  • (iii) An engineer or practitioner that works on securing your company's information systems;
  • (iv) An engineer that designs and develops S&P solutions;
  • (v) A teacher of S&P courses, or;
  • (vi) A researcher concerned with S&P. 

then CySeP is certainly for you. 

For application and more information please vistit CySeP Winter School website.

The CySeP Winter School is supported by Privacy, Security & Trust Action Line.

Contact: Panos Papadimitratos

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