About Cloud and Urban Life: Rennes, France, the place to be on Nov 28

If you wanted to know more about EIT ICT Labs Future Cloud and Urban Life and Mobility areas last week, then Rennes, France, was the real place to be.

Both corporate and public sessions were organised on November 28 to present EIT ICT Labs France action lines internally, but also to local industrials and ICT key players .

In the corporate session, members of EIT ICT Labs got an overview on various aspects of Research and Development on Cloud Computing at main industrial partners.

Afterwards Tua Huomo presented the activities she is now leading in EIT ICT Labs  Future Cloud action line.

Learn about Future Cloud status and challenges

A debate between participants ended this corporate session.

To introduce the public session, Stéphane Amarger, head of EIT ICT Labs France, explained why in Education, Research and Business, strong collaboration is needed to speed up ICT innovation in Europe, and how, from idea to product, from lab to market and from student to entrepreneur, the mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

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Frédéric Renouard, in charge of  EIT ICT Labs France West, presented to a large public the main achievements and the ongoing projects in Industry, Education and Research in Rennes territory.

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Gilles Betis, in his presentation, made things clear on how ICT will create societal value in the urban ecosystem. People will not only be provided with tools allowing them to take an active part in the life of the city, but also with mobility market places for a seamless daily commuting. Benefits will be for both citizens and local governments.

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This dense morning concluded with inspired exchanges of views during an inviting lunch cocktail.

Contact: Frédéric Renouard

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