40 Central-European BSc students got familiar with the ARISE programme at the Budapest CLC

The team of the Budapest APG organised an Open Day to the participants of the Summer School of the Carpathian Basin on the 8th of July at the Budapest CLC. 40 BSc students from 6 different universities from Romania, Serbia and Ukraine participated in the event.

The Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) organised a one week long Summer School for the students of the Carpathian Basin in Budapest in the beginning of July, in four different disciplines – including IT. Taking this opportunity, the Budapest APG invited all the students participating in the IT session to introduce them to EIT Digital, widening the scope of the EIT Digital's ARISE Programme. The fact that the students are participants of an international summer school proves their mobility and their interest in international educational opportunities.

The 40 students had the chance to attend a lively presentation on EIT Digital and the Master School programmes by Zoltán Horváth, director of BAPG and Zsuzsa Várhalmi, deputy director. The students displayed interest and, upon hearing such success stories as Kapos Ádám's, enthusiasm towards the programme. The students' first encounter with EIT Digital was enriched by a pizza lunch and casual conversations, whereupon their aroused interest was further strengthened and their questions were answered.

We are looking forward to meeting some of these students in the following years' Kick-offs!

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