10 innovations that will make your city Smart

EIT Digital's to revolution Smart Cities

EIT Digital's to revolution Smart Cities

One week ago, at Smart City Expo World Congress, EIT Digital presented its 2017 innovations and supported scaleups in the field of Digital Cities, a key Action Line when it comes to Europe's digital transformation. Thousands of visitors from all over the world met, both on-site and on-line, the disruptive technologies that will change European cities into green-mobility ready, safer, and more resilient urban environments.

Through the Digital Cities Action Line, EIT Digital leverages the digital transformation of the cities through centralised, participative and collaborative interactions between city actors: government, city service providers, industry, and citizens. This transformation enables the deployment of disruptive information, mobility and safety services in the cities.

During the 3-day-long Congress, EIT Digital's booth hosted pitches, presentations, one-on-one meetings, and lots of networking. For the Digital Cities Action Line Leader, Stéphane Péan, "SCEWC proved why it is the most important international event of the year on Digital Cities, the largest and most innovative cities' representatives, including hundreds of city mayors, the biggest Smart Cities tech providers and top-level stakeholders, influencers and consultants gathered to get to know the very last trends and coming technologies that will revolutionise the shape of our cities, physically and digitally."

The complete list of EIT Digital's Innovation Activities and Scaleups that exhibited at SCEWC and their pitches video streaming bellow:

  • Ambiciti: revolutionary mobile application for real-time air and noise pollution analysis. It offers the healthiest route for citizens to move and live in their cities.
  • BeCamGreen: tool that identifies the kind of vehicle and its number of passengers in a real-time, automatic and precise way, to boost sustainable mobility and reduce traffic jams.
  • CEDUS: FIWARE-based software product for tracking and collecting valuable data in urban settings. The resulting data supports decision making processes and facilitate the fast delivery of new digital urban services.
  • CivicBudget: web platform to include citizens and stakeholders' collective intelligence in the decision-making process and actions plans of smart cities and smart organisations.
  • CrowdInsights: digital solution that actively monitors urban environments detecting the composition, dynamics and movements of crowds. It provides data to support decision-making for city planners and businesses.
  • ISCLEANAIR: patented technology that works at ground level to abate most pollutants present or released in the manufacturing, commercial or urban environments.
  • Ninja Riders: creates participative communities at city level to influence young driver behaviour and to train young people on road safety through positive models and entertaining feedback.
  • PasTime: product that uses comprehensive local and user data to provide complete and personalised business and cultural tourist packages for travellers.
  • Piazza: multipurpose co-creation platform for local or global citizen involvement. It equips the city/global organisation not only with digital tools but also provides a methodology to anticipate and resolve their challenges.
  • TeamDev: big data analytics platform for local governments. Its B2B solution integrated with Fiware collects information from different streams to identify the issues that affect cities in several areas: urban renewal, refuse collection, public safety, transportation, social services and environmental issues. 

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