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Austrian scaleup CyberTrap has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to speed up its expansion across Europe. The security specialist is experiencing growing demand for its highly advanced technology that catches hackers in specially designed digital traps, keeping modern IT infrastructures safe and secure.

Companies are increasingly faced with advanced, persistent threats to their business, making it very difficult to protect their IT networks. CyberTrap's highly interactive deception technology leads attackers without their knowledge into a contained, monitored environment and tracks them inside this network to gather intelligence about the threat they pose.

With fifteen years of security consulting knowledge and technology that is actively being used and continuously improved, CyberTrap targets midsize and large European companies as well as public authorities. CyberTrap CEO Jack Wagner explains: "Our solution operates behind firewalls and adds an additional layer of protection by leading attackers into a contained, monitored environment where they can do no harm. Our collaboration with EIT Digital gives us the opportunity to tap into the experience and know-how of their large team of international business developers. They have already been able to open doors within their network of top European corporates, SME's and research institutes, to shorten our sales cycle and help us scale the business much more quickly. Showcasing our solution at their international events is also extremely helpful in increasing our visibility as an upcoming European technology company."

Once installed and operational, CyberTrap watches critical infrastructure for targeted attacks and informs security personnel of any successful break-ins. The moment the attackers step into the trap, they are extensively monitored to gain vital threat intelligence about their methods, tools and motivation. This leads to a dramatic increase in the overall efficiency and resilience of existing cyber security infrastructure.

CyberTrap is supported within the Digital Infrastructure Action Line of EIT Digital. Dolf Wittkämper, Head of the EIT Digital Accelerator says: "EIT Digital chose CyberTrap because of its unique cybersecurity product of utmost importance to the European business scene, and its ability to scale with us, starting with deeper penetration into the DACH-region and then moving further into the other European regions."

The EIT Digital Accelerator supports European digital technology ventures to scale up in Europe and beyond by helping secure target customers and raise capital. A team of experienced business developers and finance experts operate from 13 cities across Europe as well as from a hub in San Francisco. Since 2012, they have supported more than 250 startups to access new markets and helped them raise more than €90 million in investment to date.

About CyberTrap

CyberTrap is a cyber security company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, specialising in deception technology for public authorities and large and midsize enterprises in the DACH region. The company was spun out and founded in 2015 following a successful customer project conducted within SEC Consult, the leading European cyber security consulting firm employing more than 100 'white-hat' (ethical) hackers.

This invaluable industry background, combined with ongoing research projects with leading research institutes and universities, has laid the foundations for creating cutting edge technology and real customer value.

In 2017, CyberTrap launched its pioneering "deception as a service", which for the first time makes advanced deception technology cost effective and accessible for large and midsize companies.

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