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Marta Bertran Ferrer

Marta Bertran Ferrer

Meet our students: Marta Bertran Ferrer

Marta Bertran Ferrer was one of the students invited to speak at the annual EIT Digital Master School Kick-Off to inspire the latest cohort with her EIT Digital Summer School experience. “We are proud that our solution will be used in real life,” she said. Let’s meet Marta.

Speaking at an event, even an online one, would have scared Marta a year ago. “One of my learnings at EIT Digital Master School is about feeling comfortable to step out of my comfort zone. At first, when I was asked to speak at the Kick-Off I felt fear and wanted to say no. Then I thought, I can do it.”

The Kick-Off is the annual opening event of the academic year for EIT Digital Master School students across all programmes. During this event, students were inspired by keynote speakers and students who shared their educational journeys. They were also tasked to work in multidisciplinary groups on a business case.

The Spanishi Marta, second-year student - together with one of her teammate, Marta Mazzi - her experience of the 2020 Summer School Digital Wellbeing. The Summer School is a mandatory part of the EIT Digital Master School double degree. Both Marta’s were part of team Lola and developed the business case for the EIT Digital Innovation Activity called Combating Childhood Obesity. Students were challenged to come up with a solution on how to reach kids using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques in order to fight childhood obesity. Team Lola pitched a lunchbox connected to a mobile game. The business case owner liked the solution so much that he announced he will use it in the development of his startup. “We are so proud that our solution will be used in real life,” said the Martas in their Kick-Off presentation.

How did you find the Summer School experience?

“I was looking forward to the Summer School; I had heard from former students how amazing the EIT Digital Summer Schools were. But this year’s Summer School was online. I feared it would be boring, but it wasn’t at all. It was really good. I did get to know a lot of people - I am friends with the people from my team. Now, I believe you can also connect with and get to know people remotely.”

What makes the EIT Digital Summer School so good?

“What I considered to be important was the teamwork and the support we got from the mentors and the organisation on building a business case. They were pushing us to go out of our comfort zones by daring us to change initial plans. Making a business plan is an iteration process and should evolve. In the end, it was rewarding to learn that you can think outside the box.“

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School after your bachelor’s in telematics engineering at Barcelona?

“I had in mind two things that I wanted to learn: networking and cloud computing. Cloud technologies are becoming important and I wanted to go deeper into this field. When I found out about the EIT Digital Master School’s Cloud and Network Infrastructures programme on the KTH university website, it was the perfect combination for me. The innovation part adds lots of value to the study. You learn to see the broader perspective. Furthermore, you get to visit four different countries in two years! I went to two universities, KTH University and Aalto University in Sweden and Finland, experienced the Kick-Off in Trento in 2019, and made new friends again at the online Summer School. It was a really good option for me.”

What is the best so far about EIT Digital Master School?

“The mindset of getting out of your comfort zone. I always preferred not to speak publicly. But I accepted the invitation to speak at the Kick-Off immediately. Last year I would be too afraid to do it, now I see it as a challenge. I like the technical subjects the most. But the entrepreneurial classes show another perspective of the technical world. I learned about how technology is used in working life and how it works. I also know that I can make friends with a lot of different people. I am now a more open person.”

What are your expectations for the coming future?

“I am about to start my internship in Amsterdam, working in TheThingsNetwork, an IoT company. After this, I want to start working at an interesting company related to cloud computing and network technology. I want to find a job at a top company that offers me a good position to make an impact. I do not want a job with instructions. I want to create something useful for society and the company. I think it is important to do tech for good. In the end, you want to be proud of what you have done for society. I may want to start my own company one day. But first, I want to experience how the industry works. ”

If you compare the EIT Digital Master School to other masters, what stands out for you?

“The EIT Digital Master School is not just a school;  it is a complete experience. The experience that comes with the school makes you feel like you are starting a new life. You meet new people, you learn about technology and about business, you develop new knowledge and you gain experiences in different areas. You have to be brave to do this. But you will not regret it and you will be proud of doing it.”

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