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Ronja Jösch

Ronja Jösch

"I wanna be an expert in cloud computing"

Ronja Jösch from Germany knows already where she will be after the summer. In September, she starts as an IT consultant at Amazon Web Services in Stockholm. Now, she is finishing her thesis at the EIT Digital Master School. Let's meet Ronja and read how she arrived here.

The EIT Digital Master School appeared on her radar, she says. For her bachelor's in computer science, media and economics in Germany, she did an internship in Australia and had her thesis supervised by Amazon Web Services there. When she wanted to do a Master's abroad, she found about the school two weeks before the application deadline.

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

"It appealed to me because of the programme Cloud Computing and Services. In my bachelors, I enjoyed the combination of both computer science and entrepreneurial thinking, but my interest in computer science grew. I did an internship in Australia working as a software engineer and completing my thesis. So, this programme fitted well. What also appealed to me was the opportunity to meet different cultures. I enjoy moving around meeting new people and broadening my horizons."

In which university did you do your Master's and why there?

"I chose the University Rennes 1, because it is in France and one of the biggest countries in Europe. I wanted to be in a non-English speaking country. I chose KTH because of the specialisation in data intensive computing. Also, the university belongs to the top 100 of the world's best universities. So, now I live in Stockholm. "

What is the best thing so far about the EIT Digital Master School?

"I really love the idea behind the EIT Digital Master School of bringing innovation and computer science together. The EIT Digital Master School combines computer science with an entrepreneurial mindset instead of splitting them out as two separate entities as other schools do. That to me is the strength of the school. The school motivates people to think out of the box and you work together with people from different cultures."

If you compare the EIT Digital Master School to other Master's programmes, what stands out for you?         

"The people. Everyone you meet at EIT Digital - it's like one big family. There are extra events where you can meet other people, like the Kick-Off, and I loved the Summer School in Tallinn. Even when you encounter EIT Digital students at non-EIT Digital events, like the Hackathon in Helsinki, you directly feel a connection. In other schools there is also an international dimension. But here there is more of a community feel. You can ask anyone what you want and even if you are located in different countries, you are friends."

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