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Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital

51 days to go before GDPR comes into effect (on May 25, 2018), Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital explains what we all need to be aware of.

Question: It seems that businesses (SMEs) are not well informed on privacy regulations. How can we raise awareness?

WJ: The awareness of GDPR is too low because people think it only affects big data platforms. But it touches all companies using data. Governments need to explain the implications to businesses and citizens better.
There are two views of GDPR: either you think that the new regulation will make business more difficult or that it will push us towards more innovation. Developing new services that are GDPR compliant is a more productive approach.

GDPR and Net Neutrality are more closely connected than you might think: they both relate to the rights of the individual. Consumers need access to networks and they need their rights to be protected by regulators.

*General Data Protection Regulation

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