EIT Digital partners in RIVCircular project to boost circular economy initiatives

EIT Digital proudly announces its participation in the RIVCircular project, a strategic initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in the circular economy across six European regions.

Spearheaded by Comunidad de Madrid, this initiative aligns with the European Innovation Agenda’s objectives to enhance innovation ecosystems and bridge the innovation divide within the EU.

The RIVCircular project brings together a diverse coalition from southern, central, northern, and eastern Europe, including Madrid (Spain), Hauts-de-France (France), Innlandet (Norway), Brandenburg (Germany), Kosice (Slovakia), and Kiev (Ukraine). These regions will concentrate on pivotal areas within the circular economy such as construction and demolition waste circularity, resource and energy recapture, electric vehicle battery recycling, the textile industry’s circular practices, and the digitization of circular economy processes.

The consortium’s approach includes competitive selection and funding through joint open calls, offering financial support to third parties to stimulate interregional innovation in deep tech related to these focal points. Core collaborative activities aim to enhance connections and cooperation between regions with different innovation profiles, leveraging the strengths of strong innovators like Madrid and Brandenburg alongside moderate innovators such as Innlandet and Hauts-de-France, and emerging innovators from Kosice and Kiev.

Federico Menna Federico Menna EIT Digital’s CEO, Federico Menna, highlighted the importance of this endeavor: "EIT Digital is excited to make the twin transition happen! The green transition by definition needs to be digital; with the RIVCircular initiative, through the integration of innovation and sustainability, we are setting the foundation for a greener and more digitally advanced Europe. Fostering new value chains for European innovation, facilitating collaboration of multiple regions across Europe and bridging the European innovation divide is in EIT Digital’s mandate."

Elena Contioso-Fleming Elena Contioso-Fleming Elena Contioso-Fleming, EIT Digital’s Region South Director, added, "RIVCircular is about taking real, actionable steps to transform waste into resources and drive innovation in every participating region. We’re transforming the circular economy landscape by blending the best practices from across Europe, creating a recipe for success that is both innovative and sustainable."

The project’s collaborative efforts will span networking and coordination, support for local innovation hubs, capacity and skills building, joint procurement initiatives, integration of social innovators and civil society, and the identification of market-access barriers and enablers.

EIT Digital’s participation in RIVCircular underscores its commitment to driving digital transformation and sustainability across Europe. This project is set to foster regional cooperation and propel the digital advancements necessary for a sustainable future.

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