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From Big Data to Big Deals - EIT Digital innovation activity 3cixty lands first contracts
  • 3cixty, an EIT Digital "Digital Cities innovation activity" has signed its first two "Smart Cities" contracts with the Regional Tourism Commission of Côte d'Azur and the town of Saint Martin Vésubie, in southern France.
  • The tourism app allows for huge aggregation of data, collating it in one place in a structured, organised, user-friendly format.

3cixty is the product of an EIT Digital "Digital Cities High Impact Initiative" which began in 2014. Since its official launch at the Universal Expo in Milan, Italy in 2015, the 3cixty technology has evolved into a smart city innovative tourism application for places of interest and and cities. It gathers and collates impressive amounts of data which it makes accessible at a glance allowing visitors to optimise their city sightseeing. The app is now being commercialised by EIT Digital partner Data-Moove.

How does 3cixty work?

The 3cixty platform is able to collect data from various web-based sources including public databases (eg: open data portals) and non-public data (eg: data warehouses) within a selected geographical area. Once targeted, the data is then collected, filtered and cleaned and then stored in a knowledge base that presents the content in graphic form.

The web application can also be integrated into existing websites allowing city tourism offices to disseminate and promote information for tourists and residents alike. Its ergonomic navigation interface allows users to easily find all of a city or region's POIs (points of interest), events, shops, bars and restaurants from a vast information base. It also uses criteria filters such as category and proximity, taking into account transport options, weather, and reviews. Tourists can then save items in a wish list which is sharable on social networks, and even design bespoke tours using the app's automatic suggestions of logical routes.

Stéphane Amarger, Director of EIT Digital France says "3cixty is a Digital Cities innovation activity since 2014. We are very pleased that all of our support and directionto date have led to our first signed contracts. Big Data aggregation is crucial today and this technology will enable a large number of urban and tourism organisations to gain greater visibility. "

The aim of EIT Digital 'Digital Cities' innovation activities is to improve the lives of everyday citizen's in urban environments through increased digitalisation. For more information visit <link innovation-entrepreneurship digital-cities>

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