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EXAM kickoff - Master School student, Henrik, Cicek and Francesco

EXAM workshop task presentations with partners from Aalto, Acreo, Capetti Elettronica, Ericsson, KTH, Lund University and Telecom Italia

In the end of January the members of a new FNS activity, joining together several projects, M2M, Xhaul and (Green) Energy Efficient networks, gathered in Stockholm for a kickoff workshop.

After two active days of presentations and planning also the name issue was solved as EXAM – Energy Efficent Xhaul and M2M. In more detail the activity consists of four parts run by

  • Francesco Militano project management , Ericsson, task leaders
  • Dario Sabella energy efficiency, Telecom Italia,
  • Transport for front and backhaul Per Ödling, Lund University and
  • M2M Riku Jäntti / Sassan Iraji, Aalto University.

Other partners include KTH, Acreo and Capetti Elettronica (SME).

As mobile access and IoT are currently the fastest growing fields of the communications industry and offer both opportunities for enhanced technology and disruptive business models, the EXAM activity will significantly contribute to maintaining and strengthening the European lead in this important and competitive business segment.

The predicted impact is a much quicker deployment of base stations and integration of M2M which will decrease cost and expedite deployment of base-stations as well as provide support for M2M communications and applications. At the same time it will provide energy-efficient solutions that will decrease the CO2 emission.

To inspire the 25 project team members the workshop started with a keynote on M2M on the road to 5G, by Joachim Sachs, Principal Researcher, Ericsson. The 5th industrial revolution is often mentioned when talking about how the emerging technologies allow not only everyone but also everything to be connected.

Per Ödling, Lund University discussed the new business models and how we in a short term will see the “destruction” of some jobs while new opportunities are being created - and that this can be a very unstable period. He compared the “old industry” deal in Sweden when Volvo cars company was sold to Geely and how the recent acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft was the double sum compared to Volvo - but only involved a small number of employees.

Mohit Agnihotri, an EIT ICT Labs Master student with a talent for sensing new business opportunities, proposed a subject for a master thesis project that was interesting to both the former 5Green project (driven by KTH research) relating to Energy efficient networks, and to M2M (driven by Ericsson research). He manifests the concept of the Knowledge triangle as he now will struggle to combine the academic and theoretical aspects with the business perspectives. Hopefully the outcome will be an innovative, entrepreneurial education success story!​

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